1. Enter the username/full link (whichever asked) when making an Instagram order

Don't change the username if u ordered refill service otherwise refill will never work and this can not be solved 

2. Always Check the order delivery by visiting the link you give. 

3. Once an order is entered, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop it 99% of the time, so please try not to contact us requesting this. If the post or profile is deleted or changed to private a refund can not be given.

4. Read Description Before adding order

5. Don't place multiple orders on one link at once. Wait for the first order to complete

6. If you face any issues Open a support Ticket after24 hours of ordering     
Must Read

Service may take 0-24 hours time because of many other and overload We try our best to complete your order in 0-24 hours 

Ticket raise or complaint is only allowed after 24 hours of ordering the service if u want to say not started yet

❤️We thank u all for your love trust and support ❤️



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